If you are looking for the best Lenalidomide API manufacturers in India, Avra Labi n Hyderabad is a great choice.Lenalidomide is a medication having the following 4 medical applications:

1. Treatment of Multiple Myeloma

2. Treatment of transfusion-dependent myelodysplastic syndrome (MDS) inpatients with cytogenetic abnormalities

3. Treatment of Mantle Cell Lymphoma (MCL)

4. For previously treated follicular lymphoma or marginal zone lymphoma, in combination with a Rituximab product Lenalidomide works by inhibiting the growth of new blood vessels in tumors which enhances the status of the immune system while decreasing cytokine and the production of growth factors. It is known to have multiple effects on the immune system contributing to its therapeutic effect.

This API is used to treat anemia in patients with bone marrow disorders thereby lessening the need for blood transfusions. However, Lenalidomide is not recommended for the treatment of a cancer type called chronic lymphocytic leukemia due to the high risk of heart-related side effects and death.

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