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Custom Synthesis for Complex Chemicals

Avra Lab’s Custom Synthesis for Complex Chemicals services has been a specialty, offering a range of expertise in the low volume, high-value small molecules synthesis for pharmaceutical applications. Having ventured into one of the fastest-growing sectors in the pharmaceutical industry- Contract Research and Manufacturing Services (CRAMS), Avra Lab leverages the strengths of different Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API) manufacturers in India.

Manufacturing of Advanced Intermediates and APIs covering various therapeutic areas

Avra Lab is the manufacturer of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API) that focuses on various therapeutic areas including anti-cancer, anti-ulcer, anti-thrombotic, hematology, PAH, antipsychotic, and psoriatic arthritis. We are amongst the global leaders in supplying advanced intermediates to a number of domestic and international pharmaceutical companies.

Process Optimization and Development towards Commercial Production

The need for reliable, efficient, and cost-effective drug-manufacturing processes has led Avra Lab to create the next generation of innovative pharmaceutical products. As an Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API) supplier, we aim to deliver more specialized product specifications suitable to your business needs. Our R&D team possesses extensive experience in optimizing processes for the development of safe and environmentally friendly commercial production and more.


Who we are

  • Established in the year 1995, among the first in India to focus on providing high-end contract research and manufacturing of advanced intermediates and APIs covering oncology and other therapeutic areas

Our relationships

  • Partnered with various innovators to develop advanced intermediates and supply at a commercial scale post-launch

Our capabilities

  • Synthesis of a wide range of diverse chemical entities.
  • Only company in the world to develop and successfully commercialize a synthetic process for Irinotecan.

Our assets

  • State-of-the-art manufacturing facilities spread over 30 acres with a total reactor volume over 165,000 liters, located in Hyderabad (USFDA approved) and Vizag.

Our History

Rama RaoFounded by

Dr. A. V. Rama Rao

  •  Former Director of the Indian Institute of Chemical Technology
  •  Trained 109 PhD students and published 262 papers.
  •  Developed over 50 drug technologies that have been commercialized by the pharmaceutical industry.
The President of India bestowed Rama Rao with the ‘Padma Shri’ in 1991 and the ‘Padma Bhushan’ in 2016 for extraordinary contributions to science and industry.
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In 1980, Rama Rao discovered a novel and efficient process to isolate Vinblastine and Vincristine from the Vinca Rosea. This outstanding breakthrough offered a new perspective to industry oriented research and inspired the next generation of scientists to ceaselessly push for innovation.
The emblematic use of Vinca Rosea petals on the Avra logo represents this landmark achievement.

Timeline of Key Events

Timeline of Key Events

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